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Zhejiang Jin Shao Food CO.,LTD. is the Chinese Camellia oil and Green tea seed oil production mainstay enterprise, Zhejiang University post-graduate training base, research base Agricultural science and technology enterprises in Zhejiang Province,Zhejiang tea oil science and technology demonstration business enterprise.Is located by the side of National pretty scenic area-4A ^LongYou Grottoes ̄, inside the  industrial park of MoHuan village,LongYou county.Close by 320 National Freeways and is 5 kilometers to the ShangRui(HangJinQu) superhighway, 3 kilometers to HangXin(Long) superhighway.The transportation is very convenience. The Zhe Gan railroad across the city, JinYong、 Jin Li Wen superhighway connect the key city of east China and BeiLun port, The advantage of location is extremely obvious.

Jin Shao Food CO.,LTD has 120,000 acres natural and organic tea seed acquisition base and covers 20 acres park type industry factory premises, invests 5,000,000 yuan newly to set up 5000 ton whole stainless steel of Camellia oil, green tea oil production line.The raw material is carefully selected form the national nature Ecological Protected Area and the mountain area which is away form pollution, with meticulous careful creation of ^Jin Shao ̄ brand high quality health edible oil series, concentrating on the propulsion for consumer health Dietary structure,to satisfy mankind health needs.

The predominance product of Jin Shao Food CO.,LTD , ^Jin Shao ̄ brand pure and fragrance Camellia oil, green tea oil is 100% pure natural and organic food.It is processed by science refining extraction.What¨s more,the igredients of Green tea oil is similar to the internationally popular"olive oil",because it contains abundant of tea polyphenol.Having characteristics, such as high nutrition and high grade...etc.,is called "Orient olive oil",the statue of edible oil. More than 2000 years' tradition industry of the long history, "Jin Shao" brand Camellia oil, green tea oil use the modern low temperature squeeze technique + international advanced High Polymer distillation technology + the low temperature Degrease frozen storage technology, to make the quality of product can assurance.Through the years of Sampling of Ministry、 Provincial、 Municipal Technical supervision departments and Quality inspection departments, the product qualified rate is 100%.

The products have acquired the QS National Food Safety verification, export food permit, Internationally recognized organic products Demonstration. The products match the EU quality standard and it is the only tea oil business enterprise that can match the EU EC1881-2006 standard, 75% of the products export to the EU,Korea, Japan, Australia, the United States and so on.LongYou Jin Shao food CO.,LTD( Camellia oil Institute of China、Camellia oil Association of China)has the first-class technology equipment and research development ability.It has also reached a number of technology patents on the technology development about camellia oil and green tea oil.



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